Top SEO Tips for 2020

SEO is just as important in 2020 as ever. Do not lose focus on SEO and the great things it can provide to your business. Any business can benefit when they plan a winning SEO strategy. Ake the tips below to heart and come out on top with your SEO strategy for the year and well beyond.

1- Focus on User Experience

Combining SEO with user-friendly content is extremely important for a business that wishes to enhance their traffic and customer flow. Write your content in a manner that draws an audience in and makes life easier for them. Think of the qualities you want, expect and would like from businesses and do your best to provide them more.

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2- Use Video to Your Advantage

We have short attention spans. That’s why videos are such an integral part of a business-customer relationship.  Take advantage of videos and the benefits they bring to your business. How-to videos and box reveals are especially popular right now. Videos three-minutes or less perform best.

3- Hire a Professional

Far too often people attempt to handle SEO themselves, only to become overwhelmed with the complex process and information. Rather than take this risk and potential hurt your business audience and revenue, research the companies available and hire a great phoenix SEO agency such as Digital Current to handle the work instead.

4- Write a Blog

A blog improves SEO performance, customer retention and creates loyal customers while helping present your company as a professional. Write a blog and you’ll notice a greater audience and website traffic. The more interesting your blog posts, the greater the audience reaction you’ll generate.

5- Engaging Content

Create content that people want to read. Whether it is a social media post, a blog post, or content on your website homepage, it should always engage the audience and interest them in clicking beyond this page.

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