Bring Guitar Education To Poor communities Around The World

While we don't pretend to be able to solve all the words problems we can at least try to make a positive difference through musical education.

the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world and we are dedicated to promoting the beauty of music in south America.

In a typical guitar lesson you can expect to learn

  • guitar chords for beginners
  • how to play some easy guitar songs
  • Spanish Guitar Tabs
  • techniques such as vibrato, tremolo, tapping, string bending and more!


How To Become A Good Musician

Practice is essential but you also need a lot of self belief and determination to succeed. Playing guitar in front of an audience is not easy to do and there will be resistance. you have to prove yourself and that you can communication your feelings and emotions in a sincere way in order for a live audience to accept you.

practice the technical sides of playing guitar a lot but don't forget that you must communicate something real through your music otherwise it's just going to sound like a boring beginner guitar lesson and who wants to listen to that, or pay money to hear it?

Learn to read TAB

guitar tab is an essential skills and you should learn to read it fluently. You can teach yourself how to play this way quite effectively especially when you consider all the Online lessons that are on the INTERNET for free. today, it's very easy to learn chords, scales and a wide variety of guitar styles on your own.

Examples of guitar styles

  1. flamenco guitar
  2. Spanish guitar
  3. blues guitar
  4. jazz guitar
  5. rock guitar
  6. electric and acoustic music
  7. reggae music